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Wellington Angling Association

A historic community club offering small stream fishing for wild game and course fish on the Tone.

Wellington Angling Association

Wellington Angling association was originally founded for the benefit of textile workers employed by Fox Bros. & Co in the local mill.

Today, membership is drawn from residents in the TA21 postcode area. Day tickets are available to non-members without restriction and at very reasonable rates.

The club manages around 3.5 miles of unique small stream fishing in and around Wellington offering challenging but rewarding sport for Brown Trout and Grayling as well as course fish.

Club waters

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Iron Bridge

Brief description of fishery:

The Iron Bridge beat is located in Tonedale to the north-west of Wellington town centre. The waters are relatively wide and open when compared to other beats managed by the club. With its meandering course, this stretch offers a wealth of natural features that provide good habitat for game fish.

Although shallow in places the three-quarter mile Iron Bridge beat holds good stocks of Brown trout, which are usually of modest size, with occasional bigger specimens waiting to be discovered by those who relish the challenge.

Access is from the south bank for the entire beat, while access from the north bank begins shortly after the iron foot bridge. Please note that the club’s waters end at the last meander (upstream), just before the river straightens out. These waters can be fished with some shallow wading.


The Iron Bridge beat is best accessed via the footpath located opposite the headquarters of R. W. Gale Contractors in Tonedale. Parking can be found on the roadside in the nearby industrial estate.

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The Mill

Brief description of fishery:

Our Mill beat, located in Tonedale (to the north-west of Wellington), bears evidence of the towns past as a centre for textile manufacturing with some short stretches contained between man-made banks as well as ponds associated with the nearby mill. This is not to say that the stretch does not offer some interesting fishing.

Some very respectable Brown Trout have been caught in these waters as well as some interesting course fish. This three-quarter mile beat offers some of the most varied fishing in WAA waters, switching between historic industrial and modern agricultural scenes.

Access is from the north bank when fishing the stretch to the east of the main road through Tonedale. When fishing the stretch to the west of the main road, access is via the south bank. The club does not have access to the short stretch adjacent to the Toneworks complex (between the road bridge and the weir). Chest waders recommended.


The Mill beat can be accessed either from the footpath located opposite the headquarters of R. W. Gale Contractors in Tonedale (west), or via a footpath running alongside the town’s sewerage works (east). Parking can be found on the roadside in the nearby industrial estate.

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Three Arches

Brief description of fishery:

Three Arches is probably the best bet for those in search of course fish. The beat is pastoral in nature and takes its name from the historic bridge that crosses the tone here. In places the river becomes quite sedentary offering course fish friendly habitat.

The river is accessible in most places from one or other of the banks although the undergrowth can be thick in some places. Walking between promising portions of the river is easy going (on the south bank) as the terrain is fairly flat and the banks are grazed and well trod.

Access is from both the north and south bank, and wading is not necessary should you prefer to stay dry. Just over half a mile of fishing is available on this beat.


The Three Arches beat can be accessed from either the west or east end. From the west park on the roadside in the Tonedale industrial estate and follow the footpath alongside the town’s sewerage works. From the east park on the roadside by Hornshay Farm in Lower Nynehead and follow the river bank upstream past the weir.

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Nynehead Weir

Brief description of fishery:

The Nynehead Weir beat is a treasured favourite for many of our members and boasts a good head of Grayling in its various riffles, runs and pools. Fishing here sometimes requires stealth and caution be deployed between the high banks, but the weir and two stone bridges can be very productive locales for those who persist.

Access to the best spots can be challenging and the undergrowth can be high during the growing season. However, various access points remain trodden down throughout the season and for those with a sense of adventure, this beat offers some very high quality wild Grayling (amongst other species). Chest waders recommended.

Whilst fishing this three-quarter mile beat, keep your eyes peeled for our resident Kingfishers.


For the Nynehead Weir waters park on the roadside by Hornshay Farm in Lower Nynehead (please do not block the farm gates), and follow the river bank upstream for the weir, or downstream toward the aqueduct.

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Ash Farm

Brief description of fishery:

Our Ash Farm beat is a real gem for those who enjoy the pursuit of wild fish. Boasting a weir, two bridges and several wonderful riffle, run, pool sequences this three quarter mile stretch has been known to throw up fish of impressive size given the nature of the waters; be prepared for some healthy opposition from the fish! Both Grayling and Brown Trout are resident on this beat.

Chest waders are recommended as whilst access is available from both north and south banks, downstream progress requires crossing the river at certain points to continue your journey. Whilst the club has permission to fish the river downstream of the railway bridge (south bank), please do not be tempted to cross the railway line to do so.


For our Ash Farm beat, park on the roadside near Ash Farm (please do not block the farm gates).

Membership & Tickets

Subscriptions are due on/after the 1st Monday in March each year (when the AGM is held) and not later than 31st March.

New and prospective members must be currently resident under a TA21 postcode.

The membership is capped at 70 normal members (inclusive of junior members, but exclusive of life members).

Course open season runs 16th June through to 14th March

Game open season runs 1st April through 15th October

Non-payment of dues will result in membership being revoked. All memberships are bestowed at the discretion of the committee.

A full copy of the WAA general rules is available upon request.

Day tickets are charged at £7.50 for the date specified/booked (no concessions).

Fishing is permitted between dawn and dusk, from the 1st April through to 15th October for game fish and 16th June through to the 14th March for course fish.

The ticket holder must have an appropriate EA rod licence.

Fishing is strictly catch and release. Barbless hooks preferred.

Joining Fee£25 (one time)
Adult (normal membership)£20 (p.a)
Junior membership (under 16)Free
Life member (as designated by the club committee)Free
Day Ticket£7.50



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