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Lower Teign Fishing Association

Twelve miles of excellent salmon, sea-trout and brown trout fishing in beautiful Devon countryside

Lower Teign Fishing Association

Welcome to the Lower Teign Fishing Association

Enjoy fishing for salmon, sea trout and brown trout on the lower reaches of the River Teign on the fringes of the Dartmoor National Park.

The Association controls a considerable amount of fishing on the River Teign, both single and double bank, from near Dunsford on the edge of the National Park down stream to below Teign Bridge just outside Newton Abbot, with additional fishing on the River Bovey.

The Association provides fishing for both its members and visitors who may purchase a day permit. The Lower Teign is primarily a salmon and sea trout fishery although many good sized brown trout may be caught.

In 2021, the Association’s waters yielded a good number of salmon, the largest estimated at over 17lbs, the majority being caught after 16th June. During the same period sea trout fishing yielded just less than 500 fish, the largest at 7.6 lbs. The largest recorded brown trout weighed in at 2.25 lbs.

Visitors may find a wide variety of accommodation in the area whether it be hotels, bed and breakfast, self-catering or camp sites. There are also a wealth of other attractions and events taking place throughout the area.

Club waters

River Teign

Brief description of fishery:

The Association has extensive fishing on the River Teign. Full members are entitled to fish anywhere on the River.

Visiting anglers can choose to fish on any one of three beats. The beats are: from Sowton Weir to Bridford Bridge; from Ashton (Spara) Bridge to Chudleigh Weir; and from Chudleigh Weir to Teign Bridge excluding both banks from New Bridge to Preston Iron Footbridge.


From Sowton Weir to Newton Abbot

River Bovey

Brief description of fishery:

The River Bovey is a tributary of the Teign which joins at Junction Pool, and holds salmon, sea trout and brown trout. Fishing is restricted to full and associate members only.


Nearest town is Bovey Tracey

Membership & Tickets

    1. Members of the Association shall be of the following three classes:
      1. Ordinary Members who shall be entitled to one Non-Transferable ticket per season on payment of their Annual Subscription. Members who have not paid their Annual Subscription by 28th February in any season shall be deemed to have resigned from the Association.
      2. Honorary Members who shall be Riparian Owners whose fishing rights are offered to and accepted by the Association and also such other persons as the Committee shall decide to elect.
      3. Life Members who shall be Ordinary Members who having rendered exemplary service to and for the Association have been elected to Life Membership by the Membership of the Association at a General Meeting.
    2.  In addition there shall be Associate Members who shall not number more than ten and who shall be entitled to fish the River Bovey and such water on the main River Teign as shall be determined by the Association and subsequently confirmed at General Meeting.
    3.  The total number of Ordinary Members shall not exceed sixty-five or such number as shall be determined by the Association General Meeting.
    4. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to present to the Membership in each year an up-to-date list of Ordinary, Life, Honorary and Associate Members for the current season.
    5. Application for Membership shall be submitted to the Membership Secretary and each applicant shall be proposed and seconded by an existing Member of the Association. The election of Members shall be at the discretion of the Committee.
    6. The Membership Secretary will maintain a waiting list for Membership and all persons placing their names on the Association waiting list shall pay a registration fee of such sum as shall be decided by the Committee. The registration fee will not be returnable unless decided by the Committee and is additional to the entrance fee payable when a Member is elected.
    7.  Associate Members may be elected from existing Ordinary Members who may wish to revert or from names on the Waiting List.
    1. All new Members shall pay an entrance fee.
    2. Former Members wishing to rejoin shall pay the entrance fee again unless excused by the Committee for any special reason.
    3. Members resigning who may wish to rejoin at a later date must apply for their names to be placed on the Waiting List.
 Each Full Member may have daily Guest Tickets for his family and friends covering the right to fish for Salmon, Sea-trout and Brown Trout.

A guest shall be accompanied by a Member.

  1. Guests will be subject to the Association’s Fishing Rules.
  2. Tickets are valid for the whole of the LTFA water excluding the length of fishing from both banks between New Bridge and Preston iron foot-bridge and will be valid from sunrise on the day for which they are issued until sunrise on the following day.
  3. Each Member shall be entitled to a maximum of eight Members’ Daily Guest Tickets per year.
  4. Guest tickets shall be limited to five in number for the whole Membership on one day and shall be issued by the Honorary Secretary or other authorised person.
  5. In addition each Associate Member is entitled to take a guest on the River Bovey subject to a maximum of five guests per member per year and subject to a maximum of two guests for the whole Membership on any one day.
  6. Members may only take one guest at a time.
  7. Each Member shall, on behalf of each of his guests, make a full and true return of the information required in the Catch Return section of the Member’s Guest Ticket.
Visitors’ Tickets entitling the holder to fish for Salmon, Sea-Trout, and Brown Trout will be issued for use on the following beats and will be valid from sunrise on the day for which they are issued until sunrise the following day.
  • Beat 1 From the top of the Association water to the bottom of the first field below Bridford Bridge. VIEW MAP
  • Beat 2 Ashton (Spara) Bridge to the sill of Chudleigh Weir. VIEW MAP
  • Beat 3 Sill of Chudleigh Weir to Teign Bridge excluding both banks of the length of fishing from New Bridge to Preston Iron Footbridge. VIEW MAP
Tickets will be issued according to the following regulations: 
  1. Beats 1 and 2 Tickets shall be available throughout the fishing season.
  2. Beat 3 No tickets shall be issued before the 1st of May or after 31st August
  3. Not more than three tickets shall be issued for each beat in any one day.
  4. Visitors will be subject to the Fishing Rules of the Association.
  5. Visitors’ tickets shall be available at normal opening hours from Tackle Traders in Newton Abbot
  6. Visitors’ tickets must be collected by the user in person.
Members’ Subscriptions£370
Associate Subscriptions£70
Day Tickets£20
Junior Day Tickets£5
Members Guest Tickets£5
Entrance fee£100 (Full)
£50 (Associates)


Lower Teign Fishing Association
Box Tree Cottage
Newton Abbot
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